What is Speaker Switch?

Speaker switch is a small application that runs in the system tray and allows you to quickly change your speaker configuration.


Download Speaker Switch (Version 1.01)
Note: Speaker switch does not come with an installer. Place the executable file anywhere you want. It might be useful to place a shortcut in Windows' Startup program group if you switch speaker configurations often.
Download Source Code (Version 1.01)
Note: The source is released under the zlib/libpng license, see license_src.txt for details.


Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (not tested with Win98 or WinME, will not work with Win95)
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Managed DirectX 9

Why are certain speaker configurations combined?

Internally these speaker configurations are handled the same way by DirectSound (same speaker type and geometry type). If your audio driver handles these configurations differently you shouldn't use speaker switch to change the speaker configuration. Use control panel instead.

Why are certain speaker configurations disable?

Because of what appears to be a bug in DirectSound, switching to certain speaker configurations is not allowed (attempting to change the speaker/geometry type causes DirectSound to revert to the desktop stereo speakers configuration).