What is Doppler?

Doppler is an automated file backup and synchronization system. Doppler is currently in beta testing. You can download the Beta-1 version of Doppler below.

Download (Updated 8/3/05)

Download Doppler Beta 1 (Version 0.13)


Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (not tested with Win98 or WinME, will not work with Win95)
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
At least 128MB of RAM

How it works - The Doppler Server

The Doppler server keep a local repository of mirrored files (the /fsroot sub-directory in the Doppler folder). This local repository serves as a good backup; however, it is not a convenient place for files that the user requires frequent (or even occasional) access to, therefore the Doppler server can also mirror any of the sub-directories of /fsroot into another directory on the PC.

How it works - The Doppler Client

The Doppler client connects to a Doppler server on which it will mirror specified directories from the local PC. File transfer is automatic and changes to files are automatically mirrored.


Note: Currently, Doppler looks slightly different under Windows 2000; specifically, the blue regions of the interface are gray under Win2000. When I discover a fix/workaround for this, a patch will be released to correct the issue. The screenshots below are under Windows XP.